Rear Frame Rail and Reinforcement Bracket Pkg# 3417562 / 3417563 – Pair – Plymouth – B – Body – 1968-70 – USED


Rear Frame Rail and Reinforcement Bracket Pkg#  3417562 / 3417563 – Pair – Plymouth – B – Body – 1968-70 – USED

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Rear Frame Rail and Reinforcement Bracket Pkg#  3417562 / 3417563 – Pair – Plymouth – B – Body – 1968-70 – USED

Fits 1968-70 B body Plymouth Belvedere, Satellite, Sport, Road Runner, GTX, 1970 Super Bird, all 2 and 4 door models except station wagon models. This is a pair, 1 left, and 1 right side rear floor pan side rail and support / frame rail assembly package. These are used original assembly line items from a 1970 Plymouth, they will work on the 1968-69 Plymouth models as well. They include the over axle bumpers and brackets. There are a few very small subtle differences, but the 1968-69 is part# 2859270 / 2859271. They include the front reinforcement supports and brackets# 2527118/2527119, 2527120/2527121, the rear support brackets with sleeve# 2576754/2576755, 2602294,2602295. These are from a western body and are in very good condition. The sides and bottoms are nice, not pitted or rusted through. In the rear sections towards the back of the car, each rail has a small weld casting area (see images), that would need to be cleaned up, the left side as a very small dent on the bottom side towards the front section (see images). Overall they are quite nice. When they were removed, the cuts made were around the outer perimeter not to damage the brackets. The front leaf spring bracket mounting area is nice, and so is the rear shackle bushing / sleeve area. They have limited undercoating applied as this was a west coast car. I listed these for the Plymouth models because of the rear support brackets being attached, there is a difference from the Dodge to the Plymouth, so the leaf spring mounting is slightly different, about an inch. The Plymouth wheelbase is shorter so the leafs mount more forward then the Dodge. The center of the rear leaf shackle bushing / sleeve hole is approx. 2 3/4″ from the end rail lip (see images). 23-32-105 / 23-32-93